From time to time, my extraordinarily generous patrons will ask me what sorts of tokens of appreciation I might enjoy. I always love receiving tips if our time together went beyond your expectations. However, if you prefer to express your gratitude in the form of a gift, I have included a list of my favorite products, stores, or services you might choose from below.

Although such gifts are never necessary or expected, I am always extremely thankful and excited to receive them. Such pampering will not go unrequited. You are also always welcome to suggest different gift options if there is a particular style or item you would like me to try. 

I love wearing all styles from elegant cocktail dresses to classy business attire to a tight pair of leggings! I wear a size medium in tops and form fitting bottoms, and a size 7 shoe.

One of my favorite things in the WORLD is lingerie. If there is a particular ensemble you would like me to wear at our next meeting, you can send me a link along with a virtual gift card (preferable). If you'd rather purchase it yourself, I am typically a size 34DD and medium. 

One of my favorite stores for as long as I can remember. I always get my Silver jeans from here, which I typically wear in a size 8 or 10.

Where I buy all my beauty products that you enjoy every time you see me! My favorite cruelty-free brands are Pacifica and Tarte.

I love taking sensual, relaxing bubble baths by candlelight. They're even better when someone joins you...

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani:

My absolute favorite perfume!

I absolutely love a fresh bouquet of flowers. My favorites are tulips, orchids, and roses; I prefer blue and red shades the most.

Spending a day at a spa or salon getting massages and beauty treatments is one of the finer pleasures of life. I especially love couples spa treatments, so let me know if you'd like to plan a day of pampering for our next rendezvous. 

I seemingly never have enough elegant jewelry to choose from for fine dining dates with my generous patrons. I adore simple necklaces and lavish earrings to match.