What A Girl Wants

A lady is someone who holds herself in propriety, high esteem, confidence, and self-respect. I strive to meet these expectations of myself every day, and thus I desire my patrons to hold themselves to similar standards. 

A gentleman caller should be considerate of a lady's boundaries, polite and courteous in his communications, and honorable in his actions. I expect the same of any lady callers. Prior to and during a date, I have preferences for how my companion should conduct themselves if we are to enjoy our time and see each other again. 

When requesting a date, respectful and proper communication goes a long way. A potential caller should never use crude or explicit language, or ask for special favors/services. Doing so would result in me ceasing all communication.


When meeting someone for a date, I enjoy a warm hug and greeting. If meeting in public for dinner, I enjoy light conversation over our meals. I choose not to drink in public, but if my companion wishes to indulge in a cocktail or glass of wine with me, I am open to doing so in private. Any bottles should be visibly sealed if brought as a gift to share. If meeting in a private location, I enjoy spending some time getting to know each other as we get more comfortable. 

When a date goes well and we both are feeling the chemistry, it's often exciting to mutually express that. However, on dates with anyone I am not seeing exclusively and long term, I implement boundaries. I enjoy light kissing, but not DFK; I do not enjoy Greek; and I never engage in anything that would jeopardize my physical health. 

I am a total cuddler, and I absolutely love ending a good date cuddling up together. If time allows, a relaxing shower is a great way to freshen up and end a wonderful night. 

Unfortunately, all good dates must end. But hopefully, as my companion leaves with a passionate kiss goodbye, we will both be anticipating the next time we will see each other...